Religious Institutions

Glenside, PA

Work Performed: Stone Replacement and Re-pointing | Date completed: June 2018 | Problem: Previous re-pointing performed with hard mortar and typical stone. The wear at the bottom 3’ of the North and East facing walls due to the use of salt on pedestrian walkways.

Solution – Removal of hard mortar and replacement f approximately 80 stones. The stones were replaced using 4” thick Wissahickon Schist face stones that were cut and prepared by hand. Also, re-pointed approximately 500 square feet using plumb and level raised ribbon pointing. Soft type “N” mortar was used.

Reformed Episcopal Church of Atonement, Philadelphia, PA

Work Performed: Stone Re-pointing, Crack Repair, Lintel Remediation, Window Well Extension, Re-grading and Setting Flagstone walkway | Date completed: December 2018 | Problem: Improper drainage due to a lack of gutters to direct the water away from the structure causing deterioration of the mortar and the steel lentils.

Solution – Removed 100% of the mortar and restored the cap stones cross joints. Also, installed flashing to create proper runoff and prevent water infiltration. Rebuilt the window well and re-graded the surrounding area to allow for proper drainage. Re-pointed with a plumb and level weather joint using a soft type “N” mortar.

Refuge Apostolic Church, Philadelphia, PA

Work Performed: Stone Façade Tear Down and Reconstruction | Date completed: August 2019 | Problem: City of Philadelphia advised this customer that their building was going to fail. Two previous contractors attempted and could not complete this project.

Solution – rebuilt wall with CMU block and putting a veneer stone to match the existing stone. We were able to restore the building and out cost was les that the previous contractors.

Parkside United Methodist Church, Camden, NJ

Work Performed: Chimney Reconstruction, Coping Stone, Cement Wash, Counter Flashing Installation, Stone Re-pointing, Crack Repair, Helibar Installation, Limestone Cross Joint Re-pointing, Siloxane P.D. Installation | Date completed: February 2020 | Problem: There was a defective chimney wash as well as improperly installed flashing on the parapet wall.

Solution – We removed the old wash and repaired correctly. Replaced damaged stones as needed, re-pointed with a plumb and level raised ribbon joint using a soft type “N” mortar dyed to match the existing finish.

Offering masonry stone re-pointing, stone repair, stone replace.

As restoration masonry contractor’s we offer stone replace, stone repair, stone repointing.  Residential, and commercial, religious, nonprofit, educational, institution, synagogues. If you are experiencing loose or falling stone,  or need your stone structure re-pointed then give us a call to have a masonry professional come out and assess the situation. Craft Pro Masonry is always available to take your call during regular business hours and our estimates are always free.

Stone structures can experience hundreds of years of life. They are also some of the best exterior building materials available. All most all local stone homes and other structures had their stone quarried locally around the Philadelphia area. Earlier generations of stonemasons took great care when building these structures exercising extensive knowledge that was passed on from generation to generation. Due to new building materials and modern techniques, masons with such knowledge of stone masonry and repair are harder to come by.

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