Brick, Stone & Block Repointing

The average brick can remain in good condition for over 100 years, but mortar has a much shorter lifespan.

Some signs of deteriorating mortar include step cracking, loose bricks or stones, and weathering of the brick or stonework. Repointing corrects these problems, giving your masonry a fresh look and functional stability. It also improves the masonry’s resistance to water, lowering the risk for damage to your property.

Tuck pointing involves repairing the mortar joints by coordinating the color of the mortar to match the brick. The process creates the illusion of very fine joints within the wall, and is ideal for historical buildings and brick structures where the mortar is noticeably wearing away.

Our team is skilled in the art of repointing brick, stone, and blocks— finding and practicing the newest techniques with the highest quality materials. We are so confident in our craftsmen that your work is satisfaction guaranteed.

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