What are Lintels, and what is their purpose?

Lintels, also known as Angle Irons, or I-Beams and C-Channels with welded plates, are all used to bridge openings within masonry walls and are found over door and window openings. They are imperative in carrying the cumulative load of multi-floor heights of masonry.

If these crucial steel members corrode and bow, the structural stability of the masonry wall becomes questionable. Faulty lintels will cause the masonry shores to sag, skew, or worst case falls off. For this reason, it is vital that lintels be replaced if found defective.

One obvious sign you may need to have the lintel repaired or replaced would be consistent leaks coming from the top of your window. Deteriorated or rusting Lintels may result in permanent water damage. Instead of leaving them untreated, let Craft Pro Masonry take a look at them for you. We are the building facade restoration contractors who can tell you everything you need to know about the building.

In addition, all openings should have a proper flashing system installed to divert water out and away from the interior of the opening. Flashing with drip wicks are necessary components to keep steel lintels, C-Channels, and I-Beams from corroding.

Your existing lintels should be sound, straight, and level. In addition, the seam between the steel and the brick should be minimal. Large gaps between the lintel and brick are an indication that the steel is deteriorating. Other indicators that the lintels are in need of repair are a rolling effect of the steel plate or sagging in the middle of the angle iron. In any of these cases, lintel replacement is imperative.

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Lintel masonry repair
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