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We are unveiling our consulting and masonry inspection division. We will be the best tool in the toolbox of perspective building owners, re-developement companies, members of associations who are interested in their own understanding.  All of our information is confidential and we will limit our consulting to a few select companies in each city/town. This will ensure value in our understanding to enable potential buyers to find out what buildings will have continuous maintenance issues and what projects need to be completed to avoid these maintenance issues – before you buy. 

We are a consulting company that looks at the original building construction and its original uses.

Demand a pre-purchase inspection of all masonry constructed commercial buildings and homes. All brick, block, and stone structures have a life span, That lifespan can be determined by reading cracks, bowing, deflecting walls. 25% of all masonry homes have minor structural problems, and 10% of all masonry homes have major structural issues. Do not get stuck with a masonry constructed building at the end of its effective lifespan. Demand a pre-purchase structural inspection from craft pro masonry inspection and consultation services today.

What we Have Learned

All masonry buildings crack the same ways for the same reasons. Our industry term, across the board is “step Cracking”. That’s like going to the doctor with a broken foot and saying, “I’im sick”. Cracking in masonry buildings are identifiable marks that tell a story and the history of a building. If read properly, we can understand the original construction defects/limitations, previous mis-diagnosis’ and the corresponding work that was performed and a plan for the new work with guaranteed results.
The 3 most important variables, before anything else are:
1.) Which direction is the façade facing
2.) How large is the overhang on the cornice above the masonry walls
3.) Has the wall begun to deflect, bow, bulge….

Re-pointing is by far the most common mis-diagnosis’ and customers are always asking to have their façade re-pointed, especially if they are experiencing water infiltration issues. Bowed walls are the most common reasons for water infiltration issues and re-pointing a leaking and bowing masonry wall will make the problem worse.

Trusted Masonry Consultants Serving PA

The Best Masonry Work Services in Philadelphia, PA

If you need masonry work on your home or business, then you need high-end specialists that are experienced and professional. Working with masonry requires a delicate touch and deep knowledge.

At Craft Pro, we have the specialists and consultants you need to make your brick pointing or stone pointing project a success. Here’s what you need to know about our building consultants in Philadelphia.

How We Can Help You in Philadelphia PA

We know there are tons of different masonry companies throughout South Philadelphia and PA, but you need specialists that you can rely on. That’s why we offer several masonry services. We want to make sure that whatever your needs may be, our contractors can help. Some of our more popular stucco and other services include:

  • Masonry work
  • Masonry restoration
  • Masonry repair
  • Stucco repair
  • Consultations
  • Brick pointing
  • Stone pointing
  • Building inspections
  • Leak repair
  • Star bolts installation
  • Brick repointing
  • Brick wall repair
  • Building facade inspection
  • Home building inspections in Philadelphia PA
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Our Promise

We will use our experience and understanding in honest and effective ways and every project will be “properly diagnosed and repaired – guaranteed”

We are interested in finding the correct diagnosis on every project and will guarantee the results (will not crack, leak or fail…) for an extended amount of time, between 2 to 10 years.

We are not right 100% of the time and when we are wrong, we will do everything in our power to fix the underlying issues.

We will give options based on value and will take the time to educate our customers on the original construction timeframes, methods, materials, etc.  

We will offer recent referrals with similar/relative projects and recommend discussing and/or visiting the sites to get the best possible understanding before a contract is signed.

We have guaranteed every project that we have performed since January 1st 2019; we have been incredibly successful and have very few call backs or unhappy customers. 

Learn how we properly diagnose and repair.

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masonry restoration philadelphia
masonry restoration philadelphia

Trust Your Inspections with Our Building Consultants in South Philadelphia

If you plan on building a home or business in PA, then you’re going to need a building facade inspection. You should rely on our building consultants to provide you with inspections that are thorough and fair. We’re one of the few companies that provide commercial building inspections in Philadelphia as well as residential inspections.

Our investigation includes receiving a building facade ordinance and a building facade inspection. Our specialists will also look over masonry stabilization and determine if the building requires brick wall repair or brick repointing.

Masonry stabilization in South Philadelphia is vital to ensuring your home or business can last for years. Without masonry stabilization, your residence may fall apart quickly. That’s a danger our building inspector wants you to avoid.

We Have the Best Consulting Solutions in Philadelphia

Whether you need brick repointing, stone repointing, or a brick wall repair, you’re going to need consulting. You should choose our experienced masonry consultants in Philadelphia to help you make decisions. We’re one of the best companies for consultations because we have a wide range of masonry consultants in Philadelphia Pa who can advise you on anything from stucco repair to star bolt installation.

If you’re not sure what star bolts are or what brick pointing is, then you can rely on our consultants and building inspections. Our team of contractors in PA will help you make the decisions that fit your budget and project design the most.

In particular, our contractors are available for pre-purchase masonry consultations in Philadelphia. These consultations will include an investigation into the kind of masonry work you want to be done on your home or business.

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Keep Your Home or Business Safe with Our Building Investigation and Masonry Repair in Philadelphia

Whether you’re concerned about your masonry stabilization or stone repointing, it benefits you to use our contractors for masonry work. After consulting with us in Philadelphia, we’ll send our building inspector for an investigation into your home or business.

You may find that you need a building facade ordinance or some kind of stucco work. Our specialists will notify you immediately and set to work on masonry repair or masonry restoration. It may not always be clear whether you need masonry repair or masonry restoration.

In some cases, it may be cheaper to perform masonry repair than masonry restoration. To help you stay on budget and keep your home or business looking incredible, our contractors and building inspectors will determine the situation to find out which service will benefit you the most.

Besides masonry restoration, our contractors also have experience working with stucco. Few building inspectors know how to handle stucco in PA. We do. Whether you want stucco installed or you need a stucco repair, you can rely on us to get it done.

Brick is another material that can be difficult to work with. Luckily, our specialists know how to deal with problems like building facade ordinance, brick pointing, stone pointing, and star bolts installation.

Contact Us For Leak Consulting Immediately

If you think you have a leak in your home, then you need consultations in PA immediately. A leak can have serious problems with your stonework. You may need stucco repair, new stone pointing, and your star bolts may even need to be changed.

Because water damage can quickly become compounded, it’s vital that you call us the moment that you notice. This can limit the damage that is done to your stucco and the rest of your house. When you call us for stone water damage, you can be sure that we’ll arrive quickly to fix the problem before it becomes worse.

Why You Should Choose Our Team in Philadelphia

When it comes to the stonework in your home or business, you may have several options for stucco repair or installing star bolts. However, who you choose to perform the work is a vital decision. Inexperienced businesses may actually end up damaging your stonework. They may chip the stone or install it in such a way that it isn’t stable.

While it may look professionally done, you’ll start to notice the problems pretty quickly. The stone might start to crumble or fall away completely.

To avoid costly repairs, you should choose our company to do it right the first time. We’ve been helping families and businesses throughout Philadelphia with their stonework. Whether it’s a repair, inspection, or a new installation, we have the experience, tools, and skills that you need.

In addition, you can be sure that we won’t call the job done until you’re satisfied.

Benefits of Working with Us for Your Stonework in Philadelphia

There are a ton of benefits that you can experience when you choose us to help you with your stonework. Perhaps the most exciting is that we can save you money. For one, our solutions are affordable. No matter what kind of service you need, we always strive to give you a fair price for the work. We want to make sure that homes and businesses can have access to incredible stonework without having to empty their wallets.

We’ll also look for ways to save you money. When you’re stuck between needing a repair or a restoration, we’ll always choose the option that will benefit you the most and save you the most money in the long-run.

Another benefit of working with our team is that you’ll feel like you’re involved with the process. We’ll make sure you keep you updated and informed about the project. We know how frustrating it can be to sit on the sidelines and be unsure of what the status of your project is. That’s why you can be sure we’ll always keep you involved in the process.

One problem that some other businesses have is that they’re unable to customize their work for their clients. This leaves their clients forced to choose between only a small number of selections.

That’s a little too cookie-cutter for us. When you work with us, you can expect custom solutions tailored to your needs. We know you don’t want your stonework to look like your next-door neighbor’s. Rely on our custom projects to make your house or business stand out.

Finally, you can expect professional work. We take great pride in the work that we do. We’ve been helping families and businesses throughout the area for years. In that time, we’ve encountered several challenges. Yet we’ve always managed to overcome them and learn from them. That experience is yours from which to benefit. By the time we’ve finished our work, you’ll be amazed at the finished product.

Contact Our Team Today

Whether you need a repair, some advice, or you just want some stonework installed, we’re the team to call. You can expect affordable prices, great professionalism, and a friendly staff that always keeps you included. Give our team a call today to tell us what kind of project you’d like our team to help you with. We’ll make sure your stonework lasts for years. Call our team today.

New for 2020!

Free diagnostic clinics in different neighborhoods in Philadelphia:
  • The forums will be 1 hour; we will discuss the typical construction methods for each neighborhood. The forums are geared towards chronic water infiltration, crack reading and corresponding repairs and understanding why masonry walls bow and the leaks associated with bowing/deflecting masonry walls
  • We will give anyone that attends 5 minutes to discuss their particular problems, based on pictures, storys and past experiences.
  • Everyone that attends will hear each diagnosis. This will help everyone’s overall understanding and we can compare conditions and find similar anomalies.
  • Anyone can attend (architects and engineers, general contractors, even other masonry companies)

Our Promise

Craft Pro Masonry Restoration came out to give me a consultation and quote for my house. My house is very old, and the exterior needs a lot of attention. Mike did a very thorough job in walking me through the trouble spots and what would work best to fix them. He was very careful to only recommend what I really needed to ensure that I didn't see more issues down the road. He didn't try to sell me on services I didn't need. He also took the time to really explain why he was recommending each item. I felt very confident that I wasn't being overcharged or getting recommendations for unnecessary or unhelpful things. I would definitely recommend their services, even just for a consultation.

Marilyn DeMers