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Over a 27 year career in the masonry restoration industry, we on the verge of creating a new industry that understands masonry buildings and their weaknesses.  Double Wythe masonry buildings last between 60 to 120 years.  When buying multiple buildings of the same construction, the industry doesn’t weigh in the conditions of the exterior envelopes.  We have been able to understand and quantify architectural designs that create engineering defects on Masonry facades.  This understanding will be commonplace in the near future and bad acquisitions will be understood and devalued based on our work.  These buildings are not terrible, but there are many architectural designs that create engineering defects that show their face by way of oversaturation of the exterior masonry walls.  I believe that these buildings were sold due to the lack of control of oversaturation and a long-term owner’s inability to control that problem and the decline of profits due to this and other issues.

      Our information from now and for the next couple of years, before we standardize and regulate our findings, has incredible value because it allows companies to get out from below bad acquisitions before that time.  We work for numerous redevelopment companies in cities on the East coast but are only looking to work with the best and most ethically minded ones.

       We could give you a complete analysis of the exterior facades and we will find numerous other leaking areas that have been altered and will start to show their faces in only a couple of years.  We will look into city databases to find other variables that can tell us when the decline of the exterior façade started (we look for symptoms of that problem).  We will create a proposal with guaranteed solutions for the underlying catalyst that causes oversaturation and leads to bowing and deflecting masonry walls.  Our consulting services will cost $4,500.00 and is a small fee to understand what you own and what you can expect in the future.

        We were on the cutting edge of diamond blade technology in the 1990s and 2000s and were the 1st company in Philadelphia to become dust-free with vacuum systems when grinding mortar joints, back in 2007.  We perfected re-pointing and learned it had very little value and is a misdiagnosis 99% of the time.  We still have the best pointers in the industry, and our shift in awareness has made it hard to stay in business over the past 5 years.  But we came out the other side with a complete understanding of masonry buildings and can be a huge ally to building owners.  Pre-purchase consultations are our future and we are looking for the biggest and best companies and we will not work for your competitors.  You will know what you are buying and will only buy good structures with long, problem-free futures.  Your competitors will be left with the others.  It’s like insider trading but is legal and smart.

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We will be the best tool in the toolbox of perspective building owners, re-developement companies, members of associations who are interested in their own understanding.  All of our information is confidential and we will limit our consulting to a few select companies in each city/town. This will ensure value in our understanding to enable potential buyers to find out what buildings will have continuous maintenance issues and what projects need to be completed to avoid these maintenance issues – before you buy.